On November 25th, the day of the much-anticipated and feared Spending Review, Prospect reps received the surprising and welcome news that the Library will see no cash reduction in Grant in Aid to 2010-21. Having anticipated 25-40% cuts, this was infinitely better than expected, though in real terms (once inflation is taken into account) it … Continue reading #High5Heritage!


Building roads to the future

Boston Spa's David Johnson gives Blind Jack Metcalfe the lowdown on heritage funding in Knaresborough town centre. York celebrates highwaymen, but Knaresborough's heroes had more peaceful occupations - Blind Jack was a road maker, and if he helped Turpin along we are sure it wasn't intentional! Don't forget - tweet your own pic to #high5heritage@prospectunion … Continue reading Building roads to the future


Today's the day! - Please support Britain's national library, its museums and other heritage organisations by tweeting a selfie tagged #high5heritage and copying it to @prospectunion. The Library and other organisations are threatened with cuts of up to 40% in the forthcoming Spending Review. Coming on top of the 30% inflicted between 2010 and 2015, … Continue reading #High5heritage

More pension issues

Members - and retired members - are lucky if they have not noticed the recent problems with MyCSP, the government's administrator for the Civil Service Pension Scheme. Whether seeking accurate figures for a Voluntary Exit compensation payment; a timely payment of pension after retirement; or simply an annual statement of pension expectations, British Library staff … Continue reading More pension issues