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LGBT History Month 2015

Every February it's LGBT History Month, and this year the theme is Coded Lives. LGBT people have existed throughout history, but often in a not very visible way. After all, groups who are systematically oppressed by a heteronormative, gender-normative patriarchy rarely have sufficient voice to be heard in a point in time, let along enough voice … Continue reading LGBT History Month 2015

Accelerated Christian Education ‘Puff Piece’ Published in TES

At the TUC LGBT Conference this year, as a Branch-nominated rep, I introduced a motion condemning the homophobia in Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), a fundamentalist Christian curriculum which is currently taught in between thirty and sixty private schools in the UK, and to an unknown number of homeschooled children. As a survivor of the ACE system of education, I can … Continue reading Accelerated Christian Education ‘Puff Piece’ Published in TES