More pension issues

Members – and retired members – are lucky if they have not noticed the recent problems with MyCSP, the government’s administrator for the Civil Service Pension Scheme.

Whether seeking accurate figures for a Voluntary Exit compensation payment; a timely payment of pension after retirement; or simply an annual statement of pension expectations, British Library staff have encountered inaccuracies and delays on an unprecedented scale. The problems in other organisations have been still worse.

Prospect HQ is pursuing all the assorted problems with MyCSP itself, and with the Cabinet Office.

MyCSP is a flagship for the government’s favored mutual model, being partly owned by staff, by government and by the private sector. The problems have been engendered by the huge body of work currently underway to move staff into the new Alpha scheme, but this fact is no comfort to people who expect to be paid on time, or who have important decisions riding on receipt of accurate information.

As ever, members who are experiencing problems should raise these with a local rep, so that the cases can be escalated, with the most serious being taken to the Cabinet Office itself.


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